Friday, October 29, 2010


Hello Everyone !
I’m so glad you accepted my invitation to join The Guiding Circle.
Many hands make Light Work ! There's a lot we can do by joining our
hearts and minds together. What I’d like to do is create a schedule
that allows us to meet with each other -not in the flesh - but in
Spirit -on a regular basis. You’ll be getting postings from me letting
you know when our Spirit Meetings will be happening. You may not
always be able to join with us at the times I will be posting, but
just knowing that you have access to group energy can be quite
When we meet in spirit, I want for us to feel free to move betwen
issues that effect the world at large and personal issues that we may
be struggling with. Do you have issues that you would like group
support with ? Please write me and let me know .Do you have a vision
of healing for the world ? See if you can specify what your vision is
and get it to me in writing. Your requests will be posted anonymously
along  with the scheduled times for our meetings with Spirit. And if
you can give me a rough idea of what times would work for you to join
in Spirit, that would be very helpful.So far, we are thirty souls
strong. Taking into account that each one of us is surrounded by a
loving collective , we are already huge. I think when we join in
Spirit, it will feel pleasantly crowded !